Vote Nam JiHyun for First Brand Award 2018

Nam Ji Hyun is nominated as Most Anticipated Actress Of 2018 on First Brand Award!

Let’s vote for her!

Note : You can vote for each categories or just one

1 vote per day (per account/e-mail)

Voting Period ends in 9days and 11hours



Go to the voting site

Click 인물 category then the blue box

Insert your name and E-Mail

Click (직접입력) if your e-mail site is not included in the option

Click Start Voting

Insert the data below

The phone number is for the lottery event, you can type random numbers haha


Scroll down until the 여자배우 and click Nam Jihyun picture

Or type 남지현 on the search box

Click 투표종료 after you vote

Leave a supporting comment to complete the voting

Scroll down to see the comments page

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