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“100 Days My Prince” Hongshim played by Nam Ji Hyun, The Next Generation RoCo Queen

“100 Days My Prince” Nam Ji-hyun is well-received for her performance in a romantic comedy and is attracting attention as a next-generation roco queen.

Nam Ji Hyun is “smart and clever” in the tvN drama “100 Days My Prince”. Nam is the lead of the drama by playing the role of Hong Shim, who is intelligent and has unique ways to make living.

Hongshim is an enviable character but lovable and affectionate on the inside.
She has a heartbreaking family history but despite this she took care of her husband Wondeok (Doh Kyung Soo) next to her and helps him find his memory.

Nam Ji Hyun and Wondeok played by Doh Kyung Soo’s bickering, happily and lovingly newly married awkward couple is delightful to watch.

Nam Ji Hyun’s 15th year since acting debut,
Hongshim’s impressive performance…being noticed as the next-generation Roco Queen.

Nam Ji-hyun, who was born in 1995, made her debut in MBC drama ‘Tell Me I Love You’ in 2004, and is a veteran actor in her 15th year since debut. However, she is still a young actor in her early 20’s.

Even in the seventh year of her debut, in 2010, “Its me, grandmother,” she was still young enough to have played the middle school student’s character.

Many remember Nam Ji-hyun, who starred in the movie “The Map Against The World(2016) as “Soon-sil,” the daughter of Kim Jeong-ho (Cha Seung-won). Nam Ji-hyun, who first starred as an adult actor in Shopping King Louie (2016) which wrote the myth of the reversal of ratings**, and performed a mature melodramatic performance in “Suspicious Partner (2017).”

This time, Nam Ji Hyun is acting in the succcesful romantic comedy 100 Days My Prince.

“Its been a long time since I appeared in a historical drama in front of the viewers” and “She is tough and strong, but weak on the other side. I chose this work because I think I can show a variety of appearance”.

The TVN cable drama is successful as it maintained its No. 1 position in the drama-cable monthly TV drama thanks to the romantic and interesting stories of the couple between Wondeok and Hong-shim. On its 9th broadcast it has exceeded the viewer rating of 10 percent, which they made a public promise.

Nam Ji-hyun on the 10th said on her instagram, “Thank you very much for all those people who love 100 Days My Prince, I am surprised and happy from the morning. ” Especially, “The ratings surpassed 10% as promised but theres still six episodes left. ” she said.

Beyond the story of the smiling village of Song Ju-hyun, the TVN  drama is expected to begin the heartbreaking story with Won Deuk, 100 Days My Prince has six episodes left until the end of October. It airs every Monday- Tuesday night at 9:30 p.m.

Footnote – ** dramas tend to lose viewership as the episode/story move forward, but not in the case of Shopping King Louie which gains more viewership as it progressed and it became a chart climbing drama**




Trans: Genie @namjihyunact

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