TvnFest Special Voting

★★★★tvN 즐거움전★★★★

★★★★Vote 100 Days My Prince, Doh Kyung Soo, Nam Ji Hyun and Lee Joon Hyuk for TvnJoyFest★★★


How to vote for Special category


Go to


For female category: Scroll down the page and look for Nam Ji Hyun’s icon.

Step two: After clicking the icon, it will ask you to login to your tvN account. Click the login button on the right (encircled below).


Step three:  It will redirect you to this page. Choose either facebook or twitter whichever works for you.



Step four: After voting for Nam Ji Hyun, you have to vote for the other categories as well.


Choose Doh Kyung Soo for the male category.



Choose Lee Joon Hyuk for comedic act category.


Lastly you have to choose a variety show, choose any of your preferred variety show to complete voting.

When you are done voting, a terms and conditions of the voting will appear on your screen. Check the boxes and after that it will ask you for details like below.

Q1: Left circle: Male Right circle: Woman

Q2: Age bracket: Your age bracket

Then click the red rectangle below.


A pop up window will tell you that you have successfully voted.


For Day Voting~

It is pretty much the same.

You have to also vote for other actors and other dramas.

For a Monday-Tuesday program. You can only choose 100 Days My Prince once and you have to choose another drama for that.

For actor you can vote for Monday-Tuesday your preffered actor. In this case you can vote Nam Ji Hyun twice.


Your vote list should appear like this below. Just click rectangle button again and youre done voting.

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