#NamJiHyunGlobalFans Birthday Project 2018

















Nam Ji Hyun posted the birthday gifts from us and even using the hashtag #NamJiHyunGlobalFans.



[ENG] @hyuniiiiiii_95917 IG:
#HaneulNari #NamJiHyunGlobalFans
Thank you to all who wished me a happy birthday!!💙💙
#HaneulNari who always protects me by the side reliably
I always think it’s not enough just by saying thank you😞😞
I love you all so so much X 100❤❤.. #NamJiHyunGlobalFans Thank you a lot and you are my proud, Love you💙
And happily this time, a meaningful donation was made under my name for #KoreaCatProtectionAssociation@/kopc_adopt.
I am so proud of you guys,
and I will work hard to be a cool actress as you guys!!👍😊
Once again, thank you so much!! It is indeed my happiest birthday💜💙

Credits: TRANSLATIONS by @namjihyun_at (Nana)


[TRANS] @hyuniiiiiii_95917 IG Updates.
When I got home yesterday, your heart that hasn’t arrived has arrived!! 💜💙
What’s the extent of my fans warm hearts?~?🌼🌼
I am so proud, thankful and happy!!
And I got your letter!
I like your letter the most.💕
Have a good day, everyone. 💜💜


CREDITS: @namjihyun1995 – (Nune)

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