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From Doh Kyung Soo up to Ji Chang Wook, “Chemi Goddess” #NamJiHyun’s Romance

도경수부터 지창욱까지 , ‘케미 여신’ 남지현의 로맨스

From Doh Kyung Soo up to Ji Chang Wook, “Chemi Goddess” Nam Ji Hyun‘s Romance

The actress who is famous for her luck of acting w/ many actors, Right now, Nam Ji Hyun is the main character.

<MBC, Tell me you love me 2004> She has been active in in acting until now, and most of all, she is envied by female viewers with her warm chemistry with male actors. Then, let’s take a look together who are the ‘men of Nam Ji Hyun’.

< 100 Days My Prince, Doh Kyung Soo>

Mon&Tues tvN drama which takes the No.1 spot beating all cable and mainstream dramas , and ‘s “Chemistry” is the talk of the town.

and , respectively, play Wondeuk and HongShim, showing a sweet and lovely marriage. A young and fresh well matched couple with a good image like a puppy.


< Suspicious Partner, Ji Chang Wook>

and , the best partners for each other. Each episode raised the hearts of viewers with affectionate scenes. The two played the role of prosecutor No Jiwook, and lawyer Eun Bonghee respectively, who both rose to become romance comedy top stars.

The chic Noh Jiwook meeting youthful Eun Bonghee turn into a cute lovers become viewer’s watching point. At that time, their passionate kissing gained explosive views and received well by the public.


< Shopping King Louie, Seo In Guk>

and , who have received much love as the ‘Pure Couple’. They played the role of Kang Jisung/Louie, who is a heir that became a homeless person and Ko Bokshil, a positive mountain girl showed an explosive chemi.


The way how the two love each other, which is literally pure and fresh, tickled the viewers. The innocent woman who melted the heart of a picky man was exciting. Even after the drama ended, netizens had ‘Louie <3 Bokshil fever’ and missed their combination.

< What Happens To My Family?, Park Hyung Sik>

as Cha Dalbong and as KangSeoul made a lot of mother viewer’s smile. The two formed a love triangle with , who plays Yoon Eunho, stirring the hearts of viewers.


Innocent guy Cha Dalbong and lovingly faithful sunflower* Kang Seoul , the budding romance of the two people was warmly received by the public, as it delivered a warm impression.


<Angel Eyes, Kang Ha Neul>

and , solid performance acted as the blind heroine Yoon Soowan, and Park Dongju who loves her, showed a stable pairing together.

Yoon Soowan who turned cold after losing her sight, and Park Dongju expressing his love for her sincerely, painfully showed the heartbreaking first love. Viewers were very happy with their clear and innocent performances.


< Will It Snow For Christmas? , Kim Soo Hyun>

Cha Kangjin played by and Young Han Jiwan played by , both who acted the child roles. It received a lot of praise for their acting performance that was as good as an adult actor.


It was fun to watch the first love performance of Cha Kangjin who is full of rebellion, and the bright and sunny Han Jiwan . Through <Will it snow for Christmas?>, you can see two actors who have grown up to be respectable adult actors.


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