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“The heat cant stop me”. Nam Ji-hyun, passionate acting overcoming the heat

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OSEN: A photo of Nam Ji-hyun beating the heat has been released.
Nam Ji Hyun is acting in the TVN drama “100 Days My Prince,” where she plays Yi Seo, who hides as Song Joo-hyun’s oldest unmarried woman Hong Shim and her real identity. Since it was first aired on the 10th, it has recorded an average of 7.3% and a maximum 8.4% high in ratings of pay-TV platforms including cable, satellite, and IPTV in just four episodes of broadcasting.

100 Days My Prince started shooting in April and went around the country for about five months. In particular, although the unprecedented heat wave prevailed this year, Nam Ji Hyun wearing thick long coat on her arms and long skirts, even with distraction was immersed in her acting.

In the photo, Nam Ji Hyun overcame the heat by using an umbrella, a hand fan, and an ice bag. Above all, the atmosphere of the filming scene, the actors and staff of the drama were all happy with constant smiles and were able to finish the shooting in the hot summer thanks to their good teamwork.

Nam Ji Hyun, who showed passionate enthusiasm despite the heat, created an irreplaceable character and won both ratings and positive reviews. Expectations are growing over how the marriage of 100 days will unfold in the remaining story.


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