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“Independent” Kim Tae Ri, Han Ji Min, Nam Ji Hyun | Women of different period “Fiery Heroine” [Chuseok Special Feature]

“I choose my life and my love.”

The prince on a white horse, the Cinderella story…It’s a story with no meaning anymore.

In Korean dramas, which have more limitations on the screen, there was a lack of active independent female characters.

Especially there were many “Heroine” (female lead)in a romantic comedy who are candy-like.

However, female characters are also taking their place as gender equality has become stronger and significant changes have taken place in recent years.

At the same time, as genre drama keep coming out , female characters of various professions are proving their capabilities and establishing their own sense of existence.

Heroine in romantic comedies are also expressing their desire and emotion freely to be beyond the care of the male lead.

In other words, it is not male but female that characters are highly active and become the object of a woman viewers’ fantasy with whom are able to sympathize because of admiration.

Here are the female in full swings as leads in the drama of cable channel tvN.

—Ommitted the others —-

100 Days My Prince Nam Ji Hyun, A man is in higher standing? No! Hongshim is!**

Hong Shim (Nam Ji Hyun), the oldest unmarried woman of Joseon Dynasty was a considered a law-offender due to customs that time that at the age of 16 when an unmarried woman should be married but Hongshim is neither shy or turns her head.

Rather, She is a bold woman who responds, “What’s wrong with being unmarried?” and “If its settled by my marriage then I must be a God!” men dare not stand a chance in front of Hongshim.

Hongshim married Won Deok (Doh Kyung-soo), who is useless to anyone due to the inevitable incident, faced an unexpected difficulty, but soon she handle him perfectly.

In that era, A husband is supposed to be like the sky, but Hong Shim is A modern girl crush female character in joseon era who keeps her real self and makes husband kneel to the ground.

In fact, the real identity of Won Deok is he is the Crown Prince. Memories are lost vaguely, and his attitude and habits are left with him after the accident, which makes people think of him as dumb.

So-called ‘sweet potatoes’ or ‘cursed character’, It is said that the character is passed on to the male protagonist. Because of his habits, all the trouble he made is solved by Hongshim but still he say what he want to say. This will double the fun of the story. She is said to have outstanding martial arts ability raising expectations for future performance.





From Confucius study~ that men is heaven, women is ground.


Translations: namjihyunact | jyeonjoah

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