Haneulnari’s Rules and Regulations in English (영문회칙)


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As the number of overseas fans applying for Haneulnari is increasing, we are informing you of the main terms of the cafe in English for your convenience.


1. Regarding the cafe nickname use
The use of a nickname that has any association with the actress is not allowed. This is a measure to prevent problems caused by misunderstanding in advance.


2. Regarding the upload of the actress’ posts in the ‘From Jihyun’ or the ‘Jihyun-i-ga’ (지현이가) message board to other sites
In the summer of 2014, our cafe and the actress started the ‘From Jihyun’ or ‘Jihyun-i-ga’ (지현이가) message board for the communication between the actress and the members of the official fan cafe, Haneulnari. But as the actress started her own Instagram account in the summer of 2015, the number of posts in the message board naturally decreased but it is still an important message board in our fan cafe and it is what makes us different from other fan sites.

However, despite the posts being written for our fan cafe members, the whole contents are being shared to SNS and other sites. This act interferes with the place of communication between the actress and the cafe members and it is a matter where a disciplinary action may be taken for violating the cafe rules and regulations. The actress would not also want non-Haneulnari members to indiscreetly see her posts.

If a problem occurs due to the sharing of cafe materials to SNS and other sites, writing posts in the ‘From Jihyun’ or ‘Jihyun-i-ga’ (지현이가) message board may become difficult or even worse, the management of the message board may be stopped. Therefore, please do not illegally save, screen shot or make captures of cafe materials or posts. If you want to share a message in a post, credit must be given with the cafe’s home link or the link of the post included and please share only the top 3 lines of the post.

We ask all of the members of Haneulnari for your kind cooperation.


3. Regarding the upload of pictures, videos and other materials in the cafe to other sites
Saving and sharing pictures, videos and regular posts of the cafe are allowed but please make sure to give credit to the rightful owner (Haneulnari). If possible, please put a mark on the pictures and videos, but writing the credit on the caption of the post is acceptable too.

Secondary work or editing is not allowed. Meaning pictures and videos uploaded in the cafe should not be combined with other pictures and videos, especially those of other celebrities.
If an author of a post has stated for his or her post not to be shared, then it must not be shared to other sites including SNS for whatever reason.

And, excluding the actress and the admins, when sharing a post of a member of the cafe to other sites, please erase or cover the cafe nickname and profile picture of that member before uploading.