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[Article/JPN] Nam Ji Hyun Interview with Popstyle

1. What kind of role is Hongshim, from your latest project, 100 Days My Prince?

A lady that hid herself and lived with a new name after her parents’ reputation was disgraced and killed (and) despite living with that kind of wound, she lives smartly, brightly and strongly.

2. Speaking of Jihyun, it seems like you often take on roles that are strong like Hongshim.

(Those characters) are the same as the real me, so I think I have been able to accept/received those kind of roles. As I approach my mid-twenties, little by little, I want to act out roles that have a lot of sorrows and carries weight (and) I also want to act out various types of characters and because of that I have been secretly preparing for those kind of roles.

3. Do you think you are similar to Hongshim?

The part where, (Hongshim) works based on reason rather than emotion is really similar to me. I am the type to always give my best and try hard at everything. In the latter half of the drama, there are a lot of scenes where (Hongshim) was push to an edge emotionally, but despite that Hongshim did not buckled in and instead she will calmly think [What should I do?], [What are the things that I am able to do now?], [How can I overcome this situation?]. These points are really similar to me and I am able to empathize with the character.

4. To pay off the debt of Wondeuk whom Hongshim got married to from an unexpected incident, you (Hongshim) set up a handyman agency. If you were to made a request to a handyman agency, what would you request for?

I would like to request for a map of delicious restaurants in all over Korea. Oh, but a map covering delicious restaurant around the whole world would be good too. I am the type of person that loves eating delicious food and looking for delicious restaurants so if there is a map like that it would be convenient for when I am travelling. Don’t you think it is a really good idea?

5. At the end of last year, it seems like you went to Kagoshima. Did you eat a lot of good foods too during that time?

Yes! I went to shops that I searched for in the internet with my friend, shops that are crowded with local people and also shops that seems to have a nice atmosphere. I have a “Delicious restaurant radar”, mostly my hunch regarding the shops all turns out delicious. Especially, Kagoshima ramen, it was really delicious.

6. Are you the type that is willing to wait in line to eat (at a good restaurant)?

If it’s for 30 minutes I will easily wait in line. I have never waited in line for 1 hour but if I really wanted to eat the food I think I can wait for any hours.

7. During the drama, there was a line where you said [Valuable things differs according to a person. Love, family, power..] For Jihyun-san, what are your valuable things?

Family and friends and also delicious foods. That is why moments where I eat delicious food with my friends and family I feel really happy. Family is an existent which even if you don’t express things out loud, you are able to resonate your feelings with them. Because it is family, there are also times where you have to be thoughtful, but no matter when they (family) are an important existence (to me) that will always stand my side and be on my side.

8. You are currently a 3rd year university student, how is your university life?

The friends at school are all very kind, and they are wonderful kids that are living their life to the fullest. Being together with those friends gives me energy too. Lately, when I look at

my friends I think about a lot of things. I feel like we, ourselves did not change but the environment that surrounds us are slowly changing. There are also many university friends that are preparing for job-hunting. Recently, it really has been sinking into me that we met in our 10’s and we are slowly growing up into an adult. Is it sadness or happiness, it cannot be describe using those words, it is an indescribable feeling. Maybe, it is close to feeling heart-warming.

9. Are there differences between actress Nam Ji Hyun and student Nam Ji Hyun?

I think there are some differences. Actress Nam Ji Hyun will properly dress up but student Nam Ji Hyun wears light make-up, casual clothes and shoes and will tie up her hair sloppily and goes out. (Laughs)

10. You will be a 4th year student next year, have you decided on the theme for your graduation thesis?  

For my university, graduation thesis is a selective subject so I do not plan on writing a thesis. I am left with only 2 more subjects, if I manage to get the credits for those two subjects, the credits that are needed for graduation would be cleared. Excluding the pressure for examinations, I am someone who really likes studying. In the future, I would like to learn a lot of things as well.

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  1. queench says:

    when is she going to graduate? i miss her! hope she can comeback with a drama soon.

  2. Elaine says:

    Oh my!
    D.O loves to cook. Loves food as welll
    You both love family
    I really hope your partnership with DO hoes beyond 100 DMP

  3. i love her. she is my favorite K actress. wiah her all the best!

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