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A review of: “tvN 100 Days My Prince, Nam Ji Hyun’s early appearance so far”

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Actor Nam Ji Hyun is loved by many for creating a new female character in 100 Days My Prince.

Nam Ji Hyun plays Hong Shim, who has a unique and strong personality in the tvN drama 100 Days My Prince (Writer – Noh Ji Sul, Director – Lee Jong Jae, Production – Studio Dragon)

(A very. Awesome. Woman. )When something happens in Song Joo hyun’s village, It is Hongshim’s that everyone first visits. As a character who has both kind and affectionate personality, and with that raises a “There has never been such an attractive historical drama” from a viewer’s reaction.

Hongshim, the oldest unmarried woman in Song Ju-hyun, who was forced to marry Prince Lee Yeol (Do Kyung-soo) immediately, said, “If one is a prince he should take responsibility for his people to eat and live right?”
She demanded that she would like to say that to the prince.
She is usually cool, but she is sincere when she needs help and can ask for it. “Help me,” she said when she is in the situation about her marriage with Wondeok “Save me. If you go away, I will be the fifth concubine of a man named Park Young-gam. So please save me.” she said with frankness and desperation.

Hongshim’s aggressive behavior also contains an affection that cared for others.

When the bullied (Kang-min) was harassed by the aristocrats for the kite caught on the tree, Hongshim was the first to come with a slinger. Of course, the quick slingshot caught the target and she told him, “I told you, if there’s anything wrong. Run to me.I will solve everything,” she said.
The warm-heartedness of Hongshim rise to fame as the “most lovable character”.

The charm of Hongshim shines brightly in front of the useless Wondeok.

She is unlike other women who were submissive from the old times, She is wise and set up a solution agency to make a living with Wondeok’s ability. This is the reason why she created a new female character.

Last week, the marriage began, ‘A very.Awesome.Woman’. Everyone is curious how Hongshim’s outstanding performance will portray the romance with Wondeok will go.

The production team said, “With Nam’s wise interpretation added character to the historical drama set during the Joseon Dynasty, Hongshim is a character that you cant help but to love”.

Hongshim’s impressive performance will continue to unveil this week “Please look forward to see more of Hongshim’s lovely and cool side.”


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