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Hong Shim Character Description

Hongshim (Female, Mid 20s, real name Yoon Iseo)
The oldest old maid, She is Song Ju Hyun’s only daughter of a widowed Sillyangyeokcheon(Commoner whose works were considered as menial**) who worked as Signal-fire military/Watchman.
She is worried about living from hand to mouth due to a terrible drought, out of the blue they ordered us to get married.

The crown prince handed out the notice. Need to get married to an old bachelor! It is a public order.
“Heol… Prince. Is he crazy? You mean it’ll rain if I get married? Does he think I am A God? A Goblin?”
Refusing to get married, she is about to be dragged to present governor and beaten hundred times to death, A man fall from the sky!!
“Wondeuk is back!”
Sheding tear, she got into an unwanted marriage with a man who does not even know if he is Wondeuk.
Deep seeking eyes, Honey voice, Royal-like face, Tender hands… somehow watching him made her heart fluttered but when you look at this partner who can do nothing, Cussing comes out with no limits.

A normal man should make living for food? Damn it! He never do anything but eat
At least he should make straw shoes earning penny.. Shit! He just spent money!
He keeps complaining how dirty, how smelly, how uncomfortable things are!
This man with a prince attitude I want to get rid of him right now!
But the more I get to know him it feels like he is extraordinary.
Not only he is good at martial arts, but good at writing skill using both Chinese and Korean character.

This man is obviously not Wondeuk…but it doesnt matter!

Hongshim is planning to make lots of money by exploiting his outstanding skills.
She set up Joseon era’s first ever everything-solving agency(so to speak detective agency) where she can use Wondeuk to do all kind of things.
However, seeing Wondeuk taken in by her lying and works hard to keep his promises, she has fallen for him more and more.

It doesnt matter whether he is real Wondeuk or not and even if her secret gets revealed.


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